The Suspension Poulsen PH5 is a Danish design classic that has been popular since its creation in 1958. Designed by Poul Henningsen, it is an iconic example of Scandinavian lighting design. The PH5 suspension lamp is timeless, thanks to its innovative and functional design, carefully crafted to produce a warm and harmonious light. In this article, we dive deeper into the design and aesthetic elements that make the PH5 suspension lamp unique and beloved by many.


The PH5 suspension lamp is one of the many lamps designed by Poul Henningsen. Henningsen was a Danish architect and lighting designer who was known for his work on the Louis Poulsen brand. The PH5, created in 1958, was an upgrade of the previous models, which used four shades instead of three. The updated design ensured that 100% of the light was directed downwards and prevented glare. The PH5 was named after the diameter of the top shade – PH5 was the fifth model in the series.

Design Elements

The PH5 suspension lamp is made of hand-spun aluminum shades and finished with matte paint, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates with any home decor. The PH5 lamp consists of a conical layer, a cylindrical layer, and aspherical shade, all of which have different diameters to ensure that the light is distributed in a specific way. More specifically, the shades’ structures harmonize with the light source, making it possible for the light to be directed downwards while also spreading some of the light to the sides. The result is a warm, harmonious light that creates a pleasant and comfortable environment.


The PH5’s innovative design ensures that it provides both functional and beautiful lighting. The lamp uses a unique three-shade system that eliminates glare and minimizes direct light. This makes it an ideal option for any space where a comfortable yet functional light source is needed. The PH5 is also versatile, as it comes in various colors and finishes, providing users with options that cater to their preferences.


The PH5 suspension lamp’s aesthetics are a clear indication of Poul Henningsen’s design philosophy, which emphasized function over form. The lamp’s timeless design still feels contemporary in the modern era, despite its creation over 60 years ago. The PH5 lamp’s combination of various shades, along with the light source’s warmth, creates a beautiful and pleasing environment. The design of this suspension lamp highlights the use of simple materials and shapes to create aesthetic beauty that transcends time

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