lighting ideas deck

Deck lighting ideas can make a huge difference to the appearance and feel of your outdoor living space. The right lights can soften the space and create an inviting atmosphere, making it more enjoyable to spend time outdoors. Whether your garden has a patio area that extends to the back of the house, or if it is entirely enclosed, lighting ideas can make an already-loved spot even more special.

Flush mount lighting is one of the best ways to brighten your deck and provide a unified look to the entire space. The short stature of these fixtures allows them to be positioned in a variety of ways to highlight architectural elements and provide illumination to dark corners.

Wall-mounted sconces are another excellent choice for providing an added touch of light to dark corners and architectural features in your deck. They also offer an attractive, modern look that can be incorporated into a number of decor styles.

Floating lanterns are another great way to add a warm glow to your deck. These oversized lanterns feature chunky rope-detailed covers, giving them a nautical theme that pairs well with any garden style. They’re easy to fill with candles or LED options, which will not only provide an interesting light but also keep them safe from the elements.

String lights are another popular option for brightening your deck. These strands of lights are available in different shapes, sizes and colors, so you can customize your look. Hang them along a railing, a pergola or overhang for a cozy, romantic look.

Fairy lights are another great option for adding a whimsical touch to your deck. They can be hung in a lattice pattern or dotted around a tree to create a woodland look that is sure to impress guests.

Stair tread lights are a wonderful lighting idea for your staircase and are an effective and affordable way to illuminate the steps that lead up to the deck. Fitting into the vertical face of each step, they direct light down onto the stair immediately below to create safety while you climb up or down them.

They’re especially useful if you have young children that like to get up and down the stairs during the night. They are easy to install and are a cost-effective option that won’t take up too much room in your budget.

Star lights are a great choice for adding a celebratory, magical effect to any party or gathering. These are a simple but elegant way to turn your deck into the place for a star-gazing evening or night out with family and friends.

A more recent favorite design update, string lighting is a highly mobile light fixture that can be used sparingly for ambiance or hung multiple strands together to create a more dramatic light display. You can find string lights with a variety of bulb styles, from the classic round globes to the yellowed angular look of vintage Edison bulbs.

They can be placed anywhere on a patio or deck to give the space an instant upgrade. They’re particularly effective when paired with other types of lighting, such as post cap lights or stair lights.