can chandelier

Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: They’re a focal point that can add drama and charm to your space. But choosing the right light for your home takes a little know-how, and that’s where interior designers come in. Here, they explain some essential tips for selecting a chandelier to suit your style and your space.

Size and Placement

The first thing to decide when picking out a chandelier is the size. The standard rule of thumb is to take the width of your room in inches and multiply it by the length to determine how large your fixture should be. This is a rough guide, but it should give you a pretty good idea of what you should be looking for.

For a dining room, where the chandelier will hang over a table, you want to make sure that the diameter of your fixture is about one-third the size of your table. For other rooms, you can use the room’s square footage as a guide.

You’ll also want to measure the ceiling height in feet and multiply that by 2.5 to determine how tall you need your chandelier to be. If you have 10-foot ceilings, then you’ll need a chandelier that is about 25 inches high.

Where to Hang Your Chandelier

You can hang your chandelier just about anywhere, but some design pros suggest keeping it in the center of a room where it will draw attention. That could be the living room, kitchen or bedroom. It could even be over a seating area or reading nook.

* Chandeliers Centered in a Window

When you have an entryway or foyer that has a window above the door, it’s important to choose a fixture that’s centered in the window so that you can see it from the outside. This will also help to add balance to the room since it can sometimes feel a bit wide and open.

In addition, hanging your chandelier in a window can help to lighten up the room while making it appear larger. If you have a large window that you want to illuminate, consider going with a chandelier that has multiple tiers for some extra wow factor.

A tiered chandelier is also a great choice for a dining room, because it can really elevate the look of the space. You can find tiered options in a range of styles, from modern to rustic to Mid-Century.

It’s also a great choice for any type of room because the lighting can be used to reflect off other features, like art or accessories.

What’s more, the glimmering lights can bring out details in your decor that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. A chandelier can be an excellent way to highlight a piece of art or a pair of beautiful, vintage chairs that may otherwise have been overlooked.

It’s also a great option for a bathroom or closet, since it can be used as a vanity light or to help you see what you’re doing in the mirror. And if you’re a DIYer, you can often install your own chandelier with simple tools and a little time.