Our common sofa types are: one-line, L-shaped, U-shaped, and double-row.

One-line sofas are often used in small apartments (≤75㎡) or long and narrow living rooms. This arrangement is both comfortable and space-saving, making the space concise and clear without procrastination.

The L-shaped sofa is suitable for slightly larger units (75㎡~100㎡), which can effectively use the corner space of the living room, and can be placed in various types, which can achieve “the least space meets the greatest use needs”.

The U-shaped sofa has slightly higher space requirements, but it is slightly better than the above two in terms of aesthetics and overall practicability. It can effectively avoid the monotony caused by the large living room area, which not only enriches the level and texture of the living room, but also looks Full of quality.

The double-row sofa is a face-to-face layout. It is magnificent and suitable for European style, but it has extremely high space requirements and is often used in large apartments (>100㎡).

The placement of the sofa

Against the wall

Placing the sofa against the wall is the most common local method. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the sofa against the wall means that there is a backer, which is the most respected layout method. From the daily point of view, placing the sofa against the wall can effectively save the corridor space, which is a very suitable layout for small apartments.


Preparing a storage cabinet behind the sofa can effectively improve the storage space at home. You can also design it according to your own ideas and needs. If you have a preference for reading, you can make a bookshelf and turn the sofa into a reading area, which is beautiful and shows cultural connotations.

Rely on restaurant

Nowadays, there are more and more units in the integrated layout of the dining and living room, especially the rectangular living room. You can choose the design of the sofa by the dining room, and divide the sofa to divide the regional space.

When you make the layout of the living room and choose a sofa, you still have to decide according to the actual apartment type and living needs.

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